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In the first episode of our Meeting of the Minds webinar series, we will provide actionable tips from legal experts about starting the journey from contract digitization to digital transformation.

Hosted by Bernadette Bulacan, Legal Evangelist at Icertis, and featuring special guest Craig Conte, Managing Director at Elevate Services, the webinar will unpack the difference between digitization and digital transformation.

Craig and Bernadette will also discuss the role of technology in a digital transformation journey and strategies for driving adoption of new processes and technology throughout your organization.

In this webinar, you'll learn about

  • How to start your journey from contract digitization to digital transformation
  • Identifying champions who can build a vision for enterprise CLM that integrates across business units and geographies
  • Hot trends like blockchain, smart contracts, and AI that will dominate legal tech through 2025 and beyond


Bernadette Bulacan

Legal Evangelist


Craig Conte

Managing Director, Contracts Consulting


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